Spark Clear Aligners

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Spark Clear Aligners

We know you've probably heard of Invisalign and we love that! Clear aligners are such an incredible option for our patients and we have created so many beautiful smiles with them. We know you want this process to be simple and discrete, and we do too. We actually use a product called Spark and here's what is SO cool about that:

The number one reason we choose to use Spark is because we've found that these aligners are more clear (you'll see for yourself when you come in!), more comfortable, and virtually unbreakable.

In addition, they have been proven to have a greater contact area with the teeth and better printing resolution. Translation - they're more accurate, and this means a smoother process for you!

Lastly, they are more resistant to stain than any other aligner on the market (we see you coffee drinkers....our doctors love it too). All of this makes the entire process as easy and enjoyable for our patients as possible and we wouldn't have it any other way.
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