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2018 Magnet Season Has Begun

By  Jeffrey Kozlowski
March 8, 2018
The Koz Blog
It’s That Time of Year Again! Grab a Koz Magnet and Get Spotted!

Let’s be real: Our team and our patients love rocking their Koz magnets on their cars all year long. But, here’s the thing – we all love winning prizes even more!! Sporting your Koz Magnet just may pay off starting next week.

As of March 12th, the Koz team will be out spotting cars with Koz magnets on them. This means that if one of us sees your car out in public with your Koz Magnet, we will stick a ticket on your window that lets you know that you’ve been spotted! Every person that gets spotted automatically wins a $15 gift card to a local business and gets entered into our Free Braces Giveaway that will be held this fall! Hint: you can get spotted more than once!

This giveaway is NOT limited to patients and their family members… so please feel free to give a Koz magnet to anyone you know that loves winning free stuff and would like to transform their smile! The winner will be chosen by random draw at our Free Braces Giveaway party. If the chosen winner would prefer to give their ticket to a gorgeous smile to a friend, they may do so!

Our giveaway party was a huge success last year (check out the video below for some highlights!), but this year we are looking to go BIGGER and BETTER! We can’t do this without your help and want to show our community and our patients just how much we appreciate them. So, rally your troops, grab your magnets, and cruise around southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island until you see that ticket on your window! Oh, and if you see a few crazed Koz team members running towards you waving a ticket in the air while you’re sitting in your car, don’t worry- we aren’t trying to startle you; we are just excited!

2018 magnet 2

2018 magnet 3

2018 magnet 4
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