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2018 Damon Forum

By  Jeffrey Kozlowski
February 23, 2018
The Koz Blog
At the end of February, Dr. Jeff attended the 2018 Damon Forum in California.

Alongside his colleague and close friend, Dr. Jamie Reynolds of Spillane and Reynolds Orthodontics in Detroit, Dr. Jeff co-taught a day long lecture to a packed hall full of orthodontists from around the world. Dr. Jeff lectured on everything from actual orthodontic technique to best practices for making an orthodontic office efficient. Both of which make happy patients!

There are a couple reasons why we think this is really neat.
First, as a team, we are truly honored, and even blessed, to work beside Dr. Jeff as partners. It is really exciting to us to be on the cutting edge of this industry every day. He’s a pioneer in this industry… and NO, he did not tell us to say that. It is absolutely true, though!

Second, The Damon Forum brings together an incredible group of forward-thinkers dedicated to making our industry better. These industry leaders are dedicated to the sharing of ideas, techniques, and philosophies. This convergence of great minds allows Dr. Jeff to continually teach and learn from others so that we can continue to make advancements to better serve and treat our patients.

What does this means for our patients? Kozlowski Orthodontics gets better every single year. From the treatment itself, to the techniques, to the actual time that you’re in braces – our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of the technology so that we can continue to improve your treatment and experience!

That’s why the Damon forum matters!

Dr. Jeff with Dr. Jamie Reynolds – even though you can only see Dr. Jeff’s hands and head because shhhh..he’s wearing camo!
damon forum 1

Dr. Jeff and Dr. Reynold’s lecture hall packed full of attentive, eager doctors!
damon forum 2
We can't wait to meet you!