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10 Reasons We Don’t Use Color Bands On Braces

By  Jeffrey Kozlowski
May 21, 2021
The Koz Blog
One of the first things kids ask when they know they’re about to get braces, is if they can choose color bands. While we can certainly understand the appeal of using color bands, there are several reasons why we choose not to use them. Check out below for our Top 10 Reasons We Don’t Use Color Bands. We think that after reading the list, you’ll agree to forego the color bands altogether.

1. Ewwww! Even with great brushing they absorb plaque and hold that plaque up against the tooth. The braces we use are called “self-ligating” which means they have a mechanism that holds the wire in place without requiring these color ties. No color ties means cleaner teeth.

2. Because color ties get funky over time you will need to be seen more frequently for appointments to change the colors for fresh clean ones. This means visits to the orthodontist every 3-4 weeks instead of every 6-10 weeks. If you have nothing better to do that visit your orthodontist for twice as many appointments then choose braces that require colors.

3. These color ties are made of a rubber material that causes friction between the braces and the wire. When your orthodontist is trying to straighten crooked teeth the teeth need to slide along the wire to align properly. The friction from color ties reduces the speed with which your teeth will straighten out.

4. Because of this friction, your orthodontist will need to use a heavier wire to overcome the friction. Using a heavier wire equals more discomfort. The low friction system we use allows for faster alignment with lighter wires and less discomfort.

5. If cleaner braces, healthier teeth, fewer visits to the office, faster tooth movement, and less discomfort aren’t enough reasons to avoid color ties, then Dr. Mike will give you reasons #6-10 why you should choose an orthodontist that doesn’t use them!

6. In addition to less visits, your visits will also be faster! Because we don’t have to use colored ties on each individual tooth to keep the wire in place, our amazing assistants will make your appointments in the office will feel more comfortable and take less time.

7. Colored ties can interfere with the places you attach elastics on your braces. With our braces, elastics are easier to place and make your bite correction go smoothly.

8. Our braces are smaller than the braces that have colored ties. That means less pressure on your lips and less time to get used to how they feel!

9. Elastic ties may break and cause undesirable shifting. The doors that hold the wires in place on our braces are much stronger and less likely to cause issues.

10. Let’s be honest, our braces are pretty sleek! Selfies look better when your smile shines bright!

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