Braces for Children

Think of Phase 1 treatment (typically between the ages of 7-10) as the first part of a two-part journey to a beautiful smile with a break to let nature take its course (that's when the teeth are growing!). Our main goal in the first phase, or early treatment, is to align the teeth, correct any bite discrepancies that can affect growth, and create the space necessary for all permanent teeth to grow and develop properly. This way, when we start the second part of the journey, there is much less work, the time it takes to get there is shorter, and it involves less complex treatment.

Braces for Teens and Adults

For teens and adults in treatment, creating a beautiful, lifelong smile involves aligning the remaining permanent teeth and correcting anything about the bite that needs to be addressed. For example, a significant overbite requires full correction after all the baby teeth have been lost. Further, we are great at creating the space for teeth to develop, but we can't control exactly how they will look or are positioned when they grow fully into the mouth. We take the time in this final stage to perfect all of these things, leaving our patients with amazing, confident, smiles that they can hold onto forever.
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